We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

23 Sep

When Dorothy got carried away to the wonderful world of Oz, she immediately realized that this was not Kansas anymore and that her former home bears no resemblance to this new, undiscovered country.

This is the way I feel right now: a bit stressed out, a bit intimidated, a bit insecure… The reason for all these feelings is the whole new way of studying which I feel confronted with right now. Yesterday was the first introductory meeting with tutors and the other students in my MA course and I quickly found out that things work very differently around here. For instance, every course will take place on a Wednesday. Yes, that’s right! University only once a week! Now you might think, what a wonderful, relaxed life… No way! The extensive course pack I was given for one of my two courses in the first semester could easily be used for self-defense purposes against London’s street criminals.

What’s also different around here is that I will have to hand in essays every week and that I will have to prepare a whole lot of short presentations (which are to be held on the stage of the Globe Theatre, which is actually kind of cool).

Also, now I understand why you have to pay so much money to study in the UK: they like to spend the tuition fees on alcohol! Yesterday evening started with a wine reception and ended in everyone (including the tutors) going to the next pub and the professor was paying for wine, crisps and bad beer. The beer was actually so bad that I promised the professor to bring along some good German beer after christmas. 😉 I think he already likes me!  Mission accomplished!


One Response to “We’re Not in Kansas Anymore”

  1. JaneEyre September 27, 2010 at 8:31 am #

    Huhu Katja,

    lach, dass sind ja schöne Sitten in London…und dann auch noch trinken mit den Professoren…tsts – wirklich total anders als bei uns. Aber übertreib nicht – gell. Und ja ich glaube auch, dass dich der Prof mag wenn du ihm lecker deutsches Bier mitbringst.
    Weiterhin viel Spaß dort!

    LG Sandra

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