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Pre-Flight Activities

27 Aug

London Calling! I’ve got less than three weeks left now and there are still so many things to do and to organize.

The most important and simultaneously most exciting one is probably finding a flat. Last weekend I found the perfect flatshare online: extremely good location (Aldgate, which is zone 1; close to Brick Lane and Liverpool Street Station; busride to my university would only take about 15 – 20 minutes), sharing with two students who actually go to my future university. The only disadvantage was the prize which was slightly over budget. I dropped the flatshare a line immediately and also had a viewing of the flat via Skype (yes! That’s flathunting 2.0!).

Unfortunately, they didn’t get back to me although they wanted to tell me their decision by Thursday… which is yesterday… So, I guess I didn’t get the room. But I’ll keep on looking for the perfect flat. On 6. September I’ll fly to London for a few days to really start my search and to have a look at a few flatshares.

Apart from this, there is another problem that troubles me a bit right now. My German university introduced the bachelor system in 2007 (which is exactly when I started university) and somehow they couldn’t manage to decide on a layout for the official certificates which leads to major delays. As a consequence, I won’t be able to provide a certificate at enrolment in London. I have already contacted several different people at the UK university but up to now nobody could tell me what to do or what to provide instead. Well, we’ll see!

But right now, I’m actually concentrating on something more entertaining: my farewell party! It’s going to take place tomorrow evening and I expect it to be one final big party with family and friends. The clue at the party will be that everyone will have to recite a Shakespeare quote in order to get in. I’m really excited which quotes are chosen and who learned the quote by heart or who reads it from a slip of paper. I’m also curious at how many quotes I will recognize and be able to attribute to the right play.

Here’s a question for all my readers who won’t come to my party: Which quote would you choose? Do you have a favourite Shakespeare quotation?