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RSC, Here I Come!

10 Sep

My theatre challenge demands going to the theatre a lot and when better to start than with the Royal Shakespeare Company, which will be coming to London for a period of about 10 weeks between November and early February. For the last weeks I was a bit worried whether it would be very difficult to get tickets because the company is rather famous.

This morning, finally, it was possible to buy tickets and so I used my brandnew credit card for the very first time to order a bunch of them. I couldn’t really bring myself to buying tickets for all 9 Shakespeare plays because I am still not sure about my timetable and the exact dates of a holiday in Barcelona and a holiday at home for christmas which makes it rather hard to coordinate everything. BUT I have got 5 tickets for the following plays:

  • King Lear
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • Hamlet
  • The Winter’s Tale
  • Julius Caesar

There would still be The Comedy of Errors (but only for two daytime performances), Anthony & Cleopatra and As you like it.

I’m really looking forward to all of the performances and hope that I will not have to cancel one because of unforeseen appointments. For those of you who are interested in theatrical performances, I recommend the RSC’s promotional trailors on youtube.

Here are two examples:


I drink to the general joy o’ the whole table (or: Never underestimate a waitress)

31 Jul

Having worked as a waitress now for 7 years, I have often had to deal with difficult guests and had to listen to comments like “Girl, you had better learned something appropriate, then you wouldn’t have to clean the tables.”

Sometimes, however, some of the guests actually ask me what I do apart from carrying beer mugs from table to table. My regular answer then is: “I go to university”. Most of the guests are then satisfied with the answer but some of them ask the crucial question (and believe me, every time that happens, I can’t help but smirk): “And what do you study?” I like to give the answer in a very casual tone: “Well… Shakespeare”

Reactions range from “As if… you can’t study Shakespeare” to “Oh my f***ing God” and sometimes all I get is total speechlessness. Somehow I can then feel a difference in the guests’ attitute towards me. There seems to be a a lot of prestige and also fear attached to the name Shakespeare and I often wonder whether the same thing would happen, had I said “Goethe” or “Schiller”.

Most of my regular guests know what I’m doing by now and seem to enjoy it as much as myself when a new guest comes in and doesn’t know about my unusual field of study. They then tell him (with a hint of pride and also faked boredom in their voices): “Oh, that’s just Katja… She studies Shakespeare!” I actually really like seeing their jaws drop 😉